Rubber Grade


Rubber Grade


Rubber is the main raw material used in manufacturing of tires, and both natural & synthetic rubber is used. In rubber molecules the cross linking between the chains are very less. This leads to the softness in the rubber. To make the rubber hard, it is treated with sulphur, & this process is known as vulcanization.Charles Goodyear discovered the process of vulcanization in 1839, accidentally. While carrying out an experiment, he spilt a mixture of rubber and sulfur with other ingredients on a hot stove. Lo and behold, rubber had transformed into a tough and firm material. The key chemical modification is that sulfide bridges are created between adjacent chains.When sulphur reacts with the natural rubber then it increases the cross linking between the molecules in the rubber. It also forms many sulphide bonds. Due to formation of many new cross linking and many sulphide bonds the natural rubber becomes hard. This vulcanized rubber has better elasticity at low as well as at high temperature. It also neither becomes soft nor brittle.


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