About Us


DVS CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES, is established in 1972, has climbed the ladder of success for our quality products & services, meeting various demands & requirements of our huge clientele spread over various parts of India and also a some of the foreign clientele too.

With an experience of around 4 decades in the manufacturing of sulphur based agrochemicals, we are one of the leading manufacturers of sulphur based products. We are also one of the India’s largest sulphur exporting company.

We manufacture sulphur based agricultural products i.e. sulphur powder (Dolfeen),sulphur –rubber grade; Pharma grade, sulphur rock, sulphur explosive grade , sulphur 85% D.P. (Gaychaap), sulphur 80% W.P (Sulforex), and sulphur 80% W.D.G. (Gayvet-DF), suspension concentrates like sulphur 20%, 40%, 52%, 55.16% S.C. All are used as fungicides & some are used in soil applications for crop protection and are safe as compare to other agrochemicals.

Very well known that agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy, nearly about 65% of Indian population depends on agriculture which accounts to 22% of GDP. To increase the Indian economy, it is the need of the hour to safeguard the environment, at the same time increasing the yield of the crops.

This means that growers must increase their yields i.e., the amount of crops per field. Our products play a key role in making this possible.

Company Vision:

‘Crop Protection with Environmental Conservation…’

We Are Committed To Sustainable Agriculture, Increasing The Quality Of The Crops & The Quantity Of The Yield, By Providing Products & Solutions For Enhancing Productivity & Yield.

Company Mission:

  • To Help & Guide Farmers To Increase The Yields Of The Crop & Increase Their Awareness For Crop Protection.
  • To Provide Best Of Services To Our Customers, Customizing Products According To Their Requirements.
  • To Build Long Everlasting Relationship With Our Stakeholders ; Suppliers, Customers, Management Etc.,
  • To Build A Strong Foundation Providing New & Innovative, Effective Products For Crop Protection.

Company Philosophy:

  • We Believe In Strong Ethical Practices.
  • We Believe That A Successful Business Can Be Built Without Sacrificing Integrity & Honesty
  • We Provide Quality Products With On Time Delivery,
  • Our Main Aim Is : Customer Focus